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Ease And Efficiency

Efficiency was the key when it came to Ms Dore’s modern integrated handle kitchen.

We provided a full-bespoke service, from design to installation – during the kitchen’s creation we designed and fitted new tiling, flooring and painting, as well as a new radiator, completely revitalising the look of the room. The final result looks resplendent in a stunning minimalist, contemporary style.

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Moss Hall Kitchens went above and beyond

the Approach

“It’s brilliant.” says Ms Dore. “They’ve completely changed the way it looks – it’s modern, unique and has everything I need. I used to have to keep my washer and dryer outside, but I’ve got room to have them in now.”

We ensured that appliances we fitted throughout the kitchen also adhered to the principle of efficiency; a Bosch single oven and combination microwave allowed additional worktop space to either cook or store other appliances and gadgets as they saw fit. Attractive letterbox glass cupboards provided extra storage, while giving an extra dimension to the room’s already captivating design.

“They’re a high-class company who work hard and know their area of expertise. In theory I’d use them again, but I know I won’t have to. My kitchen’s going to last forever!” says Ms Dore.

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